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The Luggy family has grown again! Now, there's a solution for all Luggy lovers who have outgrown their favourite wheeled basket, but aren't yet ready to graduate to its bigger counterpart. It's the Medium Luggy! Not too big, not too small, but jusssstt right for children ages 5-11. The Medium...

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The Luggy family has grown again! Now, there's a solution for all Luggy lovers who have outgrown their favourite wheeled basket, but aren't yet ready to graduate to its bigger counterpart. It's the Medium Luggy! Not too big, not too small, but jusssstt right for children ages 5-11.

The Medium Luggy comes in Olli Ella's signature, natural rattan and features the same silhouette as the Big, Little and Toy Luggy - just Medium! It makes for great company on family beach days and is perfect for lugging around toys, books and adventure essentials. We're so happy it's here and we know you'll love it as much as we do!

Because these are handmade, each basket will be a little bit different.

  • Hand-woven from natural Rattan

  • Suitable for ages 5 - 11 years

  • Recommended weight limit: 17kg


Meet the Little Luggy Trolley - Natural Vintage Wicker Shopping Trolley from Olli Ella - beautiful and oh-so practical! Hand woven from natural sustainable wicker. Load it up with little one's favourite play things - ours is always full of Maileg mice and a selection of stones, flowers and leaves from our garden. Our Little Luggy is perfect for "helping" mummy and daddy do their shopping.

My daughter Rose loves her little luggy trolley, she takes it everywhere and it's genuinely handy on school runs and shopping (or collecting bugs, twigs, flowers, stones, etc).

Who are Oli Ella?

Olli Ella was founded in 2010 by sisters Olivia and Chloe Brookman who designed a feeding chair together and followed up with a homewares collection. Their products are designed to be fun, useful and are Fairtrade made from natural and sustainably sourced materials. Their collection is both timeless and practile - their products are designed to be used and loved. Olli Ella offer an ever increasing range of sustainably made homewares, apparel, children’s products, toys and baskets. Makers of the Little Luggy Basket, the beautiful Holdie House, Piki Basket; Strolley & more. Olli Ella uses natural materials, with a focus on high quality craftsmanship and ethical production.

The brand Olli Ella has a variety of products perfect for everyday life to get your children involved in the activities, which they may usually find boring. The Little Luggy comes in a variety of colours such as mint and rose. We love this product as it is handwoven from rattan.

Why we love our Little Luggy

Shopping with our Little Luggy from Olli Ella is a highlight when it comes to Rose helping me with the shopping. She loves the sense of achievement which comes with helping mummy out with shopping. It's also very handy on days out in the summer months as she often uses it to carry a picnic blanket and food and drink.

With the Luggy being so versatile it comes with a number of uses making it super practical. Here are our top 3 ways to use our Little Luggy.

Going on Adventures

When it comes to travelling with a Little Luggy, your child is bound to have fun when filling it up with supplies ready for your journey (encourages forward planning , and being prepared). By letting your child pick what toys and activities they’d like to do on a journey, it gives them the freedom to pick what they’ll enjoy. Rose loves to add her Maileg mouse family, especially her big sister ballerina, to her Little Luggy when we're out and about.

Little Luggy at to the park

When it comes to heading off to the park in the summer, why not take a picnic in your Little Luggy? Full of tasty treats and a blanket to sit on - by letting your little one pull it along on the way will help her to feel a sense of achievement and being part of the event, rather than coming along for the ride.


We love to use our Little Luggy as a toy box, as when moving from to room things get messy, so encouraging Rose to pick up her toys and take them to the next place she plans on playing is a great way to encourage development too. Despite this she always ends up piling up toys in the busiest part of the house (like in front of a door way) - so the little luggy makes packing up and moving her playtime to different parts of the house very straight forward.

Just like any of the products from our site and also from the Olli Ella collection you know they’re built to last and will always look great.

I hope you enjoy your Little Luggy and use it for hours of fun, creativity and joy - if you'd like to talk to me about our range of Olli Ella products please get in touch.

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Olli Ella Medium Luggy
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Absolutely adorable

I bought this for my niece as a present for her on her little sisters birthday. I always get whichever ones birthday it isnt a little something special to open as well and this was perfect! So cute and well made and not like anything in the shops. It’s lovely to get a toy that’s not made of plastic and needing batteries!

Just gorgeous

I’m becoming a little obsessed with these beautiful Maileg mice for my daughter! They’re such amazing quality and just adorable to look at. The service by Eva & Rose is top notch too! Thank you :)

Larger than expected

Made of waxed fabric and the base is nicely cushioned. It seems big enough to hold both hiker brother and sister so my kids will be happy!

Maileg grocery box

Love it

Perfect collection

Such a beautiful piece to add to our growing collection of maileg furniture . My fav colour and well made . I know my children will love to play with this