Meri Meri - Bunny dress up kit


Perfect for small gifts for little girls and boys - from hair sliders, headbands and necklaces by Meri Meri through to Little Luggy and Piki rattan baskets by Olli Ella, and everything in between.

Maileg Teddy Junior


Ballerina & Dance Themed Toys

Does your little one love Ballet? We created this little collection of ballet themed toys for children just for you.

Bird Themed Kids Toys


Bunny and Rabbit Themed Kids Toys

Meri Meri -Floral Cat Ear Headband

Cats & Kittens

Children's Wall Art

Wall art can add a touch of personality to a blank space, and all of the designs in our collection were made with that in mind. All illustrations are unique to Eva & Rose and we're working on adding to this collection as time goes on.

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