The Maileg Mouse Family - Tips for Encouraging Imaginative Play

The Maileg Mouse Family - Tips for Encouraging Imaginative Play

Dress up your Maileg Mouse

Grabbing some new and exciting outfits for your mouse is always fun. Whether you’re looking to dress it up for the season ahead or to offer as an incentive during milestones. For example, using the lovely Maileg Tooth Fairy mouse to encourage imaginative play when your little one loses their baby teeth, which can sometimes be stressful for them. The mouse also comes with a metal tooth box, which is a perfect keepsake for you to store their milk teeth.

Join the fantasy world of Maileg Mouse

Not only can you dress up your Maileg mice, but you can encourage your child to dress up with them. With a variety of different clothes on offer, you can encourage your child to join in the magical world and live out their imagination in period costumes, outfits and more. For example, the perfect gift set for your little ballerina could be an adorable Ballerina Pink Dress and accompany it with the Maileg tiara headband and our latest dancing cat & mouse in a ballerina's shoebox.

Maileg family values

Maileg offers different family members in their mice collection, including mum, dad, brother, sister, babies and grandparents. Adding family members to your Maileg collection can encourage communication development. This is a great method for learning through play, where you can create social situations using the Maileg toys to encourage social development, or to help your child understand tricky situations and complex emotions, including sibling rivalry or understanding and growing family relationships.

Accessories for your Maileg

Each Maileg mouse is accompanied by their own outfit and sometimes a host of other props. I love the Maileg spa and wellness mouse set, as it promotes happiness and self-care, which is fantastic to encourage from a young age. We also sell a Happy Camper Tent which is adorable, and a vacation set (even a Maileg mouse needs a holiday!). Some of the mice arrive in their very own beautifully printed matchbox, which is not only wonderfully quirky, but also makes the packaging just as entertaining as the toy inside.

If you’re looking to create your very own Maileg family but aren’t sure where to start, I am a huge fan of the Maileg Princess and the Pea set, as it comes with a beautiful castle box, layered cotton mattresses and a hand knitted pea. It's great for encouraging imaginative play, and you can connect it with your favourite bedtime story.

Maileg mice come with a broad range of clothes and accessories, offering so many different options when it comes to bringing the Maileg into your life, and making their characters relate to a family member or a life event. For example, I'm a nurse by trade, so the Maileg Nurse mouse was an ideal match for me. Our camping mice mentioned previously can be purchased with tents, back packs and more - which might tie in nicely with a family vacation.

From your own Matchbox mouse to a suitcase containing two gorgeous outfits, Rose loves to play with her Maileg mice family as they have such endearing personalities, you can tell that each one has a story to tell. We love watching her play with them and seeing her imagination come alive.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please comment below and let us know both yours and your child's favourite past times that help foster imaginative play.